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for professional bitcoin traders
Smart contract tokens
Fully legal & regulated
Proof of reserves

We go beyond cryptocurrency: you can trade tokens without losing their smart contract functionality.

With smart contract technology, each token has a range of features, for example the payment of dividends or voting

It was previously impossible to trade tokens with smart contract features without losing this functionality

When you trade on NYCEX, you can make these digital assets work for you, since all smart contract features will be preserved

We wanted our security system to be uncompromisingly robust, so we developed a proprietary solution.

Our security system protects your assets against fraud and unwarranted insider access

At the same time, the system impenetrable to outside threats

To ensure this, we’ve created a unique technology that keeps your assets offline most of the time

NYCEX is a Los Angeles based company that is legally compliant and regulated worldwide, without any exceptions (this includes the USA)

Legal transparency is essential for trading, so we launched an exchange that is in full compliance with all digital asset regulations from the very outset

As our exchange grows and develops, it will require updated and expanded legal processes, so we employ a team of international legal professionals to be proactive about our growth.

NYCEX was built to withstand high volumes of transactions, but we didn’t take any half measures.

Currently, our exchange can uphold up to one million transactions per second, which should be sufficient for the foreseeable future.

We always have an eye on our development, so we are constantly upgrading our computing power.

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Data driven
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